height of MultiScreener

The MultiScreener 07 is an electrically powered soil screener machine that is Made in the USA. The MultiScreener can be  used for separating materials from medium. This machine will quickly and easily separate rocks and debris from soil , sand, and other free-flowing materials. Gone are the days of hand sifting soil and loam.

This machine has many uses and is perfect for the home gardener. Use the MultiScreener for separating sod from soil. Then use to screen your compost for flower beds and vegetable gardens. You can also use it for mixing fertilizer with topsoil or loam for flower pots and box gardens.

The MultiScreener has been used in Artifact Digs, Mushroom Growing Facilities, Agricultural Laboratories, Shooting Ranges and more. One of our customers used our MultiScreener to recover bones that were discovered in St. Patrick’s Cathedral during a basement remodel. What is your use for the MultiScreener?

The MultiScreener will save you hours of back-breaking work and allow you to reuse materials you have on hand.

  • Simple Assembly and operation.
  • Move it to your desired location.
  • Plug it into your electric receptacle.
  • Adjust height of legs for desired flow rate.
  • Shovel material onto the screens at the end closest to the motor.
  • To make the material flow faster, raise the height of the rear legs.

It’s as easy as that!

MultiScreener Facts

  • Made in the USA
  • All Steel Construction
  • Screening surface area – 30″X30″(Approx.)
  • Height from ground to screen – 30″
  • Inside width – 28″
  • Wheel Mounted for Mobility
  • Fold down handles
  • Electric powered
  • Ball bearing drive mechanism
  • One year warranty*
  • Leg Angle Adjustment controls flow
  • Ships with 1/2″ screen set installed
  • Additional Screen Sizes
    • Fine – 1/4″ openings
    • Coarse – 3/4″ openings

MultiScreener Soil Screener Uses

  •  Topsoil
  •  Compost
  •  Mixing Potting Soil
  •  Worm Harvesting
  •  Forensics
  •  Sifting Sand
  • Golf Course Maintenance
  • Artifacts/Fossils
  • Lead Extraction/Gun Clubs- Shooting Ranges

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