Very Happy Customer

Paul Allee Posted 252 days ago

    I am very happy with this little guy. The legs don’t quite fit the width of my wheel barrow, so I wound up making a really big pile and shoveling from that instead. There’s no switch on this machine, so I just got an old power strip and used the switch on it to start and stop the machine. Besides those two simple drawbacks, it works perfectly. I believe it will hold up well. Before this, I was trying to build my own and got fed up with that. The next larger sifter you can feed with a front end bucket went and raised the price up to like 6,000 so yeah they can keep it. We are making compressed earth blocks and the earth is sifted and mixed with portland cement before being pressed into blocks. We are feeding the sifter from above to save labor. Over all I would recommend this to anyone that needs such a thing.