The MultiScreener is an electric powered, portable soil screener machine that is Made in the USA. The MultiScreener can be  used for separating materials from medium. This machine will quickly and easily separate rocks and debris from soil , sand, and other free-flowing materials. Gone are the days of hand sifting soil and loam.

The MultiScreener has many uses and is perfect for the home gardener. Use the MultiScreener for separating sod from soil. Then use it to screen your compost for flower beds and vegetable gardens. You can also use it for mixing fertilizer with topsoil or loam for flower pots and box gardens.

The MultiScreener has been used in Artifact Digs, Mushroom Growing Facilities, Agricultural Laboratories, Landscaping, Shooting Ranges and more. One of our customers used our MultiScreener to recover bones that were discovered in St. Patrick’s Cathedral during a basement remodel. Learn more

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$355 Shipping to 48 cont. US states

The MultiScreener ships with 1/2″ screens installed. 1/4″ and 3/4″ screen sets are available for purchase separately.


The MultiScreener will save you hours of back-breaking work and allow you to reuse materials you have on hand. Clean your flower bed, reuse garden stone, separate sod from soil and more…

Easy to use

  • Simple Assembly and operation.
  • Move it to your desired location.
  • Plug it into your electric receptacle.
  • Adjust height of legs for desired flow rate.
  • Shovel material onto the screens at the end closest to the motor.
  • To make the material flow faster, raise the height of the rear legs.

It’s as easy as that!

soil screener by better built


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MultiScreener Facts

  • Made in the USA*
  • All Steel Construction
  • Screening surface area – 30″X30″(Approx.) Specifications
  • Height from ground to screen – 30″
  • Inside width – 28″
  • Wheel Mounted for Mobility
  • Fold down handles
  • Electric powered – 110 volt
  • Six month warranty*
  • Leg Angle Adjustment controls flow
  • Ships with 1/2″ screen set installed
  • Additional Screen Sizes Available
    • Fine – 1/4″ openings
    • Coarse – 3/4″ openings

*Made in the USA disclosure: The motor and a few other components may be of foreign origin. The steel and workmanship is USA Made.

MultiScreener Owners Say…

Very Happy Customer

Paul Allee Posted 252 days ago I am very happy with this little guy. The legs don't quite fit the width of my wheel barrow, so I wound up making a...

Fun to Use!

Mark M. Posted 244 days ago The screener is living up to my expectations - and really fun to use! It arrived within two weeks of ordering it as...

Weeks Worth of Work Done in Hours

Joseph M. Posted 625 days ago Great for screening dirt. Made fast work of the dirt pile. Weeks worth of work done in a couple of hours....

No More Breaking My Back

Steve R Posted 615 days ago This MultiScreener will save me countless hours of back breaking work, it works great.👍  

MultiScreener Uses

Topsoil Screening

Use the MultiScreener for breaking down your topsoil into a finer base for new lawns and landscapes.

Compost Screening

MultiScreener will break down clumpy compost and removed unwated debris.

Mixing Potting Soil

Use the MultiScreener for creating potting soil by sifting all of the components together and then filling bags or buckets for plantings.

Worm casting Separation

We have many very satisfied owners using the MultiScreener for their worm castings. They attach a 1/8″ screen, purchased at their local hardware store, to the top of our standard half inch screens with great success.

Screening Lead Extractions at Shooting Ranges

Gathering lead from shooting ranges can be a monotonous, labor intensive task but the MultiScreener makes light work of it, according to one of our owners in Florida who screened 600 lbs of bullets in a day.