My MultiScreener is among the best investments I ever made. It is worth its weight in gold. I live in an area where the top 6 inches of the ground is about 50% rock, 50% topsoil. (It seems like 100% rock when you go deeper!) In August and September of last year, I dug up by hand about 2,200 square feet (using a pick–shovels don’t work and the area was too steep for a machine) of my back yard and dumped the rocky soil onto the Better Built Screener. It did an incredible job of separating the soil and rock and saved me an enormous amount of time and physical effort. I started the project around the beginning of August. I had to have it done by the end of September so that I could plant grass seed. If it took much longer than that, cold weather would threaten to prevent the seed from germinating, and an entire growing season would be lost. The Better Built Screener helped me get the job done on time, and the seed was planted at the very end of September. (A couple weeks were spent hauling 2-1/2 dump truck loads of additional topsoil–by wheelbarrow–from my driveway, around the house, and down the hill to my future lawn. I counted 390 wheelbarrow loads. I estimated that I walked 25 miles behind that wheelbarrow.) I simply could not have done it without my Better Built Screener. I thank God that you started making them before my project started, that I saw your advertisement in Fine Gardening, and that I bought one. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sincerely,

Jim G.
Osage Beach, Misssouri