b'4. Motor/Pulleys A. Attach motor plate to frame with 5/16 bolts & nuts. Tighten securely. B. Place motor on plate with shaft towards machine. C. Install small flat-washers, 5/16 bolts and nuts but do NOT tighten. D. Align pulleys and install belt .E. Tighten belt by sliding motor sideways on mounting plate while tightening 5/16 bolts and nuts, then tighten set screws on pulleys. 7. HandlesAttach fold-downhandles and secure with 5/16 bolts & nuts5. Belt GuardSlide belt guard over pulleys. Secure with 1/4 bolts and nuts.6. Debris SlideInstall debris slide onto front angle and secure with 1/4 bolts and nuts.Page 2'